Logo Our logos make high visual impact with minimalist design.

Brand identity starts with a good logo; good logo design must be eye-catching, distinct, and memorable.

We design logos tailored to our clients' business industry, target audience, and corporate taste, keeping in mind that these design motifs will be repeated throughout all other branding installments.

Logo Design Iterative Process

Iterative Process

Every logo we design goes through a series of refinements and variations that guarantees improvement at each step in the process.

Logo Design Multi-Use Design

Multi-Use Design

We deliver our logo designs in several file types and sizes, ensuring that they can be used for web, print, vehicle lettering, billboards, or any other application our clients desire.

Typical file types include low- and high-resolution .png and .jpg, and vector-based .ai or .eps

Logo Design Complexity Meets Simplicity

Complexity Meets Simplicity

Our design process involves using complex shapes, effects, and layers that all work together.

The end result is a simplified logo design that is perfect for any application.

This illustration shows how a wireframe rabbit and custom font become a solid, clean logo.

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